Sunday, July 3, 2011

0 She's an angel who stole my heart with a glance

She's an angel who stole my heart with a glance
On a night like tonight, she entered my world and took my glory

I became a slave to her Love, to her kisses, to her touch
She cast a spell on me, to never let me love another

Not knowing that I was the wizard who made that spell
She cast a spell on herself to never break my heart
To cherish our Love and forever be truthful to my Soul

Ten years later, we woke up with a note under our bed
The spells were fake and our Love was real, we had won~

0 Who am I to you today?

Who am I to you today?
Am I the heart breaker or the nut cracker?
I was willing to shatter my heart 
for the sake of your happiness 

I was willing to fall in love with you
To help you get over a love that was long gone

I wanted to protect your little heart
and keep it safe next to mine

I never thought that friends could be lovers
But so have I learned, that the heart has its ways

Everyone had their eyes on us, cheering
For a potential Love that was far away

Would you jump from one to the other
Only to find that nothing has changed?

I might be cuter but so is you Spirit
You have made up your mind
To be my eternal friend was our choice~

0 All I have is you but I need nothing

All I have is you but I need nothing
The sound of your laughter had awakened my Soul
The way you touched my hair had enlightened me

I saw your face from a different light
And you still ask Who you are to me?

Truth is in the small things, as obvious as it can be
Yet why do you chose to ignore them?
You ask me to say the words
But my actions have said it all

I am only a man wearing his heart on his sleeve
Asking for Love to Find him~

0 You were born to share

You were born to share
Isn't it enough that you share you life with them
You also want to share it with me?

You called him a Lucky Bastard but in reality
He realized his Luck and thanked the stars
for bringing you to his life

That was more than he could have asked for
To have you beside him, is to be in Heaven
The only heaven that is known to him, 
is the heaven of your heart

0 Shocked by lightning

A Poem is All I have to Offer
With a mending heart and a peaceful smile

Your Love took me by Storm
Leaving me in total shock of my feelings

Awakening in me emotions
I thought had long died

Surrounded by your warmth
I woke up to the sound of your voice

You called my name in all the languages
Opening my heart to share with you

The Love that once was found
And now it was found again

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