Tuesday, April 10, 2012

0 Crossroads

I miss you even though you’re here
I can hear your voice loud and clear
But I know you’re about to leave again
Cause that’s the way it’s always been

I talk to you as if you never leave
I build my dreams out of pure belief
I walk the streets looking for a sign
For someone to say I’ll soon be fine

There’s always a feeling of emptiness
That always leaves me so breathless
It takes over the moment you go
And it takes a while to release and let go

But then you’re back once again
And I praise the lord, I say Amen
But deep inside I know it’s temporary
And that’s a burden that I have to carry

You realize you mean the world to me
And I make it look like it’s so easy
I do it all so you won’t feel my pain
But all the pressure is driving me insane

We’re stuck at a crossroad for years now
And the scene won’t end until we take a bow
But who has the courage to initiate
Is a whole new chapter that has to wait.

0 Turn it into a Great Value

I’m the frog and the prince
I understand life’s little hints
You may have left me feeling breathless
But I’m no longer waiting for my princess

Why do we wait for fairytales
When in the end Love always prevails
Don’t you know it eats your Soul
When you compromise what makes you whole

We all deserve a Happy ending
But for that we need a Happy living
It’s not a goal or destination
It’s the daily work with decision making

You may decide to stand up tall
Or shrug your shoulders to feel so small
Cause no matter what happens to you
You can turn it around into a great value ~

0 Happiness

I've seen the leaves falling down
And the trees don’t blame the sun
Why can’t I be more like them
And shed what appears to be a gem

I learned today that it’s a choice
That happiness, does have a voice
So I’ll wear a smile on my face
And act as if I’m full of grace

Cause if I’ll wait for a better time
Happiness might never arrive
So today is surely, a joyful day
Cause Love has again, found its way ~

0 The Mother I dream of having

I may not know who you truly are
or what's behind your bleeding scar
But I know that you have been my mother
For longer than I had my brothers

My Soul chose to come to you
So I'd understand my true value
To learn through her the missing pieces
When of my hand she slowly releases

She's the mother I dream of having
With a heart so brave, forever striving
With a Soul of an Angel, forgiving and loving
And to human nature always serving

My heart for love has not been starving
Cause she's been there when I needed saving
But I wish that again, I can become a child
To love her more than life defined ~

0 With Love I Radiate

I sit here alone behind my desk
As if I’m watching a funny burlesque
I sip my coffee slow and nice
And wonder where I should throw the dice

Maybe I’m the dice that life throws
And I should follow its track of arrows
Do you really think we have Free Will
Or we come to Earth so the blanks we fill

I do have a simple understanding of life
But most have at least a theory or five
We see the world through our experience
And each has a lens of peace or vengeance

But I choose to see it as a loving place
Despite the ignorance of the human race
Despite the hate or wars we create
I’m standing tall with Love I radiate

0 Poem: Me & the Moon

I’m trying to decide between you and the moon
But it’s taking too long or is it too soon?
Is it time to come out of your cocoon?
Or should I wait till it’s past noon!

I always say, the time is gone
Sooner or later the moon moves on
Leaving me behind, waiting for a sign
For a voice in my head to say I’ll be fine

What is love without some gloomy days
A feeling of despair like I’m lost in a maze
But will I ever learn the Earth’s ways
Or simply wait for a new phase?

0 The Lines of my Palm)

I look at my hand to read my fate
Maybe the lines would change my state
Maybe the curves would become straight
So we could start with a brand new slate

Maybe I don't understand
What went wrong with my inner man
It's nothing that I really planned
Cause it happened without my demand

But it matters not what others say
It matters not what they survey
Cause I'm not a part of your statistics
I only care for your love and ethics

I simply care for your thoughts of kindness
For your heart's depth and Soul's fullness
For words stronger than "Ever After"
For morning smiles and Sunday laughter

Cause what if my palms changed the lines
Will your heart and mine forever align
Or will my fate run away to you
To be with you, eternally true!


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