Saturday, April 16, 2011

0 Poem the Loss of a Loved One

In my heart I feel like I’ve lost control

In my body there’s more than a broken Soul
In the skies there lives an angel or more
Cause I’m sure you passed through heaven’s door

I swear I could see you in the smiles of a child
I could sense your Spirit running in the wild
I could feel your touch when I close my eyes
Cause memories live in our bodies and minds 

I know you are safe as an Angel of God
And you watch over me as you sit on a Cloud
And the tears I shed over your Loss
Are now rivers of Love for us to cross

I need to make peace with loosing you
Cause I can’t wake up trying to find you
I can’t keep seeing you in the faces of strangers
Cause we live in a world that’s filled with changes

I need to understand that you’re always here
Your Soul is eternal, all days of the year
You live in my heart and the hearts of All
Cause we All are made from Divine's Soul

0 Poem Taken for Granted

Do you see, there’s a mighty ghost in me

Can you tell, which is Heaven, which is Hell
You surrendered your heart like an actor in a play

Now words can’t describe what I want to say

How does it feel to be taken for granted
To be pushed around, so fooled, so blinded
To be ripped off from freedom of choice
Cause you believed they were your own true voice

She said, “I never stopped loving you”
I just thought I knew what’s best for you
I wanted to protect you from your own saboteur
And keep your heart untouched and pure

Now I loathe myself for doing this to you
I was a ‘know it all’ like some sort of guru
Would you find it in your heart to forgive my mistake?
So I’d forgive myself and ease away the heartache!

Monday, April 11, 2011

0 Poem : Pave a Brand New Track

I thought that things will become easier
Cause as we grow old we become wiser
I thought that time will bring me joy
That’s the price I paid for being a boy

The boy must die for the man to be born
As he one by one removes life’s thorns
As he bleeds from the pain he signed up for
His Soul grows like he’s never seen before

As he picks the pieces from the floor
He looks for the bits he left on the shore
He seeks the Love that was never returned
And with people’s judgment, he’s not concerned

He Thanks the Lord for the blessings in disguise
For that innocent look in a new born’s eyes
For a chance to Love, to live and give back
To leave a legacy and pave a brand new track

0 Poem : Dysfunctional Families

People passing by in a blink of an eye
You see many faces you can’t identify
You see women hiding behind makeup masks
And groups of men with Vodka flasks

I dabble with the thought of staying alone
With no one to call my heart’s backbone
Would it be so sad to enjoy my aloneness
Though I’m never overwhelmed by loneliness

I wonder sometimes if something is disconnected
Like the bridge between our hearts has been ruined
Cause it makes me feel like we’re not related
Like blood is really not thicker than water

So what if we’re not raised, with this kind of Love
We can’t tell the difference between a pigeon and a dove
We can’t understand how families can be loving
And with an open heart, they can be forgiving

Yet I’ll swim against the current when it’s my turn
I’ll give you Love expecting nothing in return
My kids will be the most loved children ever
Cause they’ll be given Love that lasts forever

Thursday, April 7, 2011

0 Day 3 :Poem (Keep the Faith)

I’ve been rowing against the same old current
I’m fighting time, I’m not living in the present
I’ve been digging for years my own deep grave
Cause I didnt know how to be brave

I’m surrounded by many many stars
Most of which don’t glow too far
Most of which are becoming dim
Hanging on a breath, as to me they swim

I find myself talking to trees
Communing with birds and the far away seas
I try to take one conscious breath
But I fear for my own Ego’s death

They say you have nothing to fear
Except the lust you have in your tear
Except the death of your Will to live
And giving up on the Love you give

Once these have died, you’ll feel alone
More alone than a buried bone
So keep the faith burning in your heart
And give your Love to your counterpart

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

0 Day 2: I will put you in your right place

Thank You from the depth of my heart
For showing me that I’m not a part
I don’t rank high in your priority 
And my needs are not your responsibility

I release you from my reality
Cause of my Love, you are not worthy
Go seek it somewhere else please
Cause I don’t tolerate being displeased

My feelings aren’t a video game
A virtual reality where all feel the same
I’m Unique in my Love and needs
And I expect to be treated equally

What a mess we came to be
When I ignored my heart’s warning
Things have fallen out of place
Just so I can put you, in your right place

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

0 Day 1:The definition of Love

Sometimes you don’t realize how happy you are

Until someone points out that your smile is bizarre
You float on a cloud as if you’re madly in love
And the hours pass by cause you never have enough

Sometimes it’s a feeling that is out of this world
And many times it’s as if your heart got hurled
Yet the pain you feel after a heartbreaking loss
Is not as real as the Love you came across

It hurts cause you feel like you’ve lost control
Rejected, undesired, you lost part of your Soul
But remember the moments you were joyous and loved
They’re more important than feeling sad and unloved

Yet both of these states are not the only truth
Cause true Love is not defined by our human rules
Love is at the essence of who we really are
We’re Spiritual beings, made from Love and a star

1 Day 1: First Post

hihi, there is the first post on this blog .. here I just want post about waste my life on earth is Allah SAW.

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