Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 Poem : The Road to Success

Nothing I see means anything to me
It’s something I learned in alchemy
Nothing I want exists in this realm
Cause to us the truth might overwhelm

Not all that I feel can be trusted
Except the journey that I’ve doubted
Yet it always seems to work that way
That after the doubt, the truth conveys

The road to success is same as to failure
Yet one has tracks more than the other
One has the footsteps of a few men and women
While the other is filled with mud and burdens

Come join the few who are paving the path
For a new generation, to take a healing bath
To shed the past and uncover the masks
Cause the answers await all those who ask

Saturday, May 7, 2011

1 Poem : It’s WorthwhileIf

If Love was bought we’d all pay the bill
If regret could kill, then it surely will
If the solution was a pill, we’d all be cured
And if Life was a Hill, we’d all be assured

It feels like time has been standing still
Between the present, and what might have been
Cause the past is just a memory away
Served to us on a golden tray

We choose the moments that hurt the most
And dwell upon them until the future is lost
We focus on what we can’t control
And watch in pain as it shreds our Soul

Why is it hard to move beyond
To cross over, where sanity is found
To take the step and decide to grow
To count again from the number zero

Who among us doesn’t have a scar or two
Who didn’t have their hearts broken by a few
But despite it all, we’re still alive
Cause we’re meant to love, to cry and to strive

We’re meant to raise our heads up high
And say I’ve Made it, I learned how to fly
Cause once in a while, we see heaven smile
And we know in the end, it’s been worthwhile

0 Poem Crossroads

I miss you even though you’re here
I can hear your voice loud and clear
But I know you’re about to leave again
Cause that’s the way it’s always been

I talk to you as if you never leave
I build my dreams out of pure belief
I walk the streets looking for a sign
For someone to say I’ll soon be fine

There’s always a feeling of emptiness
That always leaves me so breathless
It takes over the moment you go
And it takes a while to release and let go

But then you’re back once again
And I praise the lord, I say Amen
But deep inside I know it’s temporary
And that’s a burden that I have to carry

You realize you mean the world to me
And I make it look like it’s so easy
I do it all so you won’t feel my pain
But all the pressure is driving me insane

We’re stuck at a crossroad for years now
And the scene won’t end until we take a bow
But who has the courage to initiate
Is a whole new chapter that has to wait.

0 Poem Life Won’t Discriminate

All the roads lead to God, except the ones that lack Love
All the gates have been locked until you find the keys within
All the faces have been blessed the moment we came to life
And All the Angels stay around, guiding us with every breath

But If that’s the life I’m meant to live, I’d rather stay Home with God
Yet now I’m here, there’s no escape, I don’t expect any applaud
It’s the journey we have to face, cause it’s not just a hunting trip
You can use a bait or your hunch, either way you’ll take the dip

Then you’ll doubt your mere existence, as why you even bother live
The journey turned to destination, and all the maps have been burned
Goals on walls have been set without the will to follow through
And no one dances in the night cause they forgot how to be true

But time will wait for no one special, the alarms will sure wake you up
Your world will come trembling down, and you’ll have history to cleanup
Scars will come to bleed again, even though you healed so well
And nothing seems to work for the best, without some kind of a magic spell

And if you think that things will change, you’ll be a fool with a crown
Nothing changes in your world, until you reach a complete meltdown
You lose it all or gain yourself is the decision you’ll have to make
So think it though before you choose, but know that Life won’t discriminate

0 Poem Divine Oceans

There are no excuses any more
I’m no more hiding my amour
I can’t explain what I feel
Or why it feels so surreal

It’s the first time I fall in love
You caught my heart like a dove
And I didn’t know until I left
I flew away like a magic theft

Tears came running down my cheeks
Cause we are miles away to speak
And now that you’re with someone else
I want to be your charming prince

We always want what we can’t have
And once we’re conquered by this love
We’re tortured by our own emotions
Until we surrender to divine oceans

0 Poem Sacred Oneness

Sometimes I wonder if you truly know me
If you know that I’m really not that phony
That whatever you do, many will judge you
Whether it’s false or completely true

It’s human nature to point the finger
And blame the world for your raging anger
Then a moment of silence comes along
It brings awareness to the place you belong

Our Home is not within these walls
It’s not this Earth or what others recall
And our bodies are merely divine temples
For our Souls to look through our pupils

We all might choose a Happy ending
Even if others will find it offending
But we can’t keep living for others’ Happiness
We’ve got to remember our true sacred oneness 

0 Poem A complete Phony

I heard you laughing as you said my name
I’m quite surprised, that’s really a shame
I thought you are what you claimed to be
A friend who says “You can count on me”

I should have known, and not pretend
That when you gossip about your friends
My turn will surely come in the end
And I’ll be the subject of your weekend

Regret won’t repair what’s been broken
Cause you can’t take back what’s been spoken
I heard your mockery with my own ears
And then you tried to deny what appears

Your tears won’t mask the truth I heard
And you’re not a victim of words unfiltered
Cause you meant every word you said about me
And now I know that you’re a complete phony

0 Poem It takes a Second to Have them Killed

I told you I’ll be back for you
And as promised I paid my dues
I said I’m not that kind of guy
Who leaves without saying goodbye

But you believed what people say
They said I was here to play
And you gave up on our prayer
You were convinced I was a player

But then I returned to see your face
I found you at another man’s place
Wishing you listened to your heart
Cause now it’s a bit too late to part

You’re almost nine months pregnant
You couldn’t face me, you were silent
Was it so hard to wait for a year
Or did the truth finally appear?

I traced my tracks with tears of shame
Of how could life be so lame
The dreams I took months to build
Took seconds for you to have them killed

0 Poem Turn Your Life Around

I’m the frog and the prince
I understand life’s little hints
You may have left me feeling breathless
But I’m no longer waiting for my princess

Why do we wait for fairytales
When in the end Love always prevails
Don’t you know it eats your Soul
When you compromise what makes you whole

We all deserve a Happy ending
But for that we need a Happy living
It’s not a goal or destination
It’s the daily work with decision making

You may decide to stand up tall
Or shrug your shoulders to feel so small
Cause no matter what happens to you
You can turn it around into some value

0 Poem Look for Beauty

A different kind of love is needed
Cause a new way of thinking is being bred
Visions of the future are landing in our minds
To break the cycles that keep us stuck behind

Adventures await those who freely dance
So close your eyes and take the chance
You may risk falling in the wrong set of hands
And your shoes may be filled with a few grains of sand

But what is a man without his sword
Or a woman whose faith she ignored
You’re not given courage to keep you small
But to raise your voice when you hit a wall

I understand life is not that simple
But won’t you smile when you see baby dimples
We always have a choice in what we see
Cause God is beautiful and he loves beauty

0 Poem Do I tell her?

Between these feelings that I’m having
Are the words that I’ve been saving
I want to tell you what I’m feeling
And hope we’ll jump and touch the ceiling

I’ve kept this secret for so long
But how much longer I can prolong
You’ll always be more than a friend
And we’ll be together till the end

But every time I come close to you
I’m faced with the same old issue
What if together we’re not strong enough
And we lost the friendship and the love?

0 Poem Trying to Understand

I can never understand how people think
They change their minds at the speed of a blink
One day She’s happy with who she is
And it feels like we’re living in complete bliss

It’s time she realized that she’s deeply loved
And stopped feeling pathetic and so unloved
Old mentalities need to go away
Cause insecurities have no room here to play

I have done everything in my power
To prove that I’m faithful, I’m not a coward
But the doubt is eating out all the trust
We once had, now is replaced by mistrust

Who is to blame for this comical frenzy
When the silence between us became so deadly
Sometimes illusions take control of reality
But it’s our mission to snap out of this insanity

0 Poem On Love, I won’t be Quitting

I ask myself if the world is real
Or is there something I can’t feel
I need to be reminded every day
That all the roads lead to the highway

I must obey the universal laws
In case I want to correct my flaws
In the eyes of God I’m perfectly perfect
But on Earth this seems to be a secret

We run around thinking we’re broken
As if the universe has been joking
We wait the day when we’re awoken
By God’s words that have yet to be spoken

We think that vision is through the eyes
And we take any stranger’s dumb advice
Yet for mistakes of the past we won’t apologize
As if Ego will die when the sun will rise

Surprise, surprise, I’m still alive
And I still can count up to number five
So I’ll count my blessings and express my loving
Cause this life, on Love, I won’t be quitting

0 Poem Song Lyrics: I’ll Make it Up to You

I’m out of your life, and this time it’s for good
I’m out of your mind, if only you could
I can’t be myself, or who you want me to
Maybe it’s me, I’m not who you thought you knew

People do change, nothing stays the same forever
Now I’m letting you go, consider this a favor
You may not understand, why things have to end
But I still wish that we, could stay good old friends

I hope you comprehend that it’s nothing personal
I just need some more time, to make this final
And I pray for some kind, of a miracle or sign
To guide me through the dark, and into the light

I never meant for this to happen, the way that it did
I know that it feels like we’re stuck in an endless grid
But I promise you that, I’ll make it up to you
Cause what is a man, if to his words he’s not true ~

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