Wednesday, July 4, 2012

0 Beauty Of Ancient Cities

Beauty Of Ancient Cities | Children always think the town they grew up in has been there since the dawn of time, just like they think their parents are giants that will never die.
As we grow older, we discover that where we live is quite often merely as old as our grandparents, or an antique car. Sometimes this can be a startling revelation, but it couldn’t possibly match the awe that must be felt to realize the city you live in has existed for 10,000 years (though many other cities have beenabandoned since).

1. Damascus,Syria

(credit : google)

2. Plovdiv,Bulgaria

(credit : google)

3. Beirut,Paris

(credit : google)

4. Jurusalem

(credit: google)

5. Tel Aviv

(credit : google)



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