Monday, July 2, 2012

0 Myself, I will No Longer Betray

So what if I told you I don’t understand
What if I told you I am not your woman!
Love me or hate me, just decide on one
I was walking slowly, but I’m about to run

Why does it end before it’s even begun
Just this once, I wanna know I’ve won
Just for a change I wanna shoot the gun
And not be the victim of a job undone

Why do emotions control what I do
And I always cave in when I’m feeling blue
I want to leave, in the opposite direction
But I’m pulled so strongly cause of my affection

I can’t imagine my life without your touch
Cause without you here, I’d miss you so much
It’s the paradox I live every second of the day
But this time myself, I will no longer betray ~



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