Monday, July 2, 2012

0 Keep the Faith

I’ve been rowing against the same old current
I’m fighting time, I’m not living in the present
I’ve been digging for years my own deep grave
Cause I didnt know how to be brave

I’m surrounded by many many stars
Most of which don’t glow too far
Most of which are becoming dim
Hanging on a breath, as to me they swim

I find myself talking to trees
Communing with birds and the far away seas
I try to take one conscious breath
But I fear for my own Ego’s death

They say you have nothing to fear
Except the lust you have in your tear
Except the death of your Will to live
And giving up on the Love you give

Once these have died, you’ll feel alone
More alone than a buried bone
So keep the faith burning in your heart
And give your Love to your counterpart ~



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