Sunday, July 1, 2012

0 Like a Feather from the Sky

Do you think you can leave as if you never came
Do you think your impact doesn’t have a name
Do you think I can act like nothing has happened
Like years of my life weren’t stolen and shattered

Is it easy for you to simply forget
All the promises you made and all the bets
When you said you’ll always keep your word
You were cheating yourself and the whole world

Well at least you followed through with just one thing
You turned my life into one silly fling
You made me believe I was all you could see
That your heart could never belong to anyone but me

And I fell for you like a feather from the sky
You were so hard to catch, yet so easy to fly
Like a clown believes he could be a star
By simply being who they truly are 

So I joined the circus just to be with you
Without being true to the person I knew
But like each game, there are lessons to learn
And If you play with fire, you will sure get burned



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