Sunday, July 1, 2012

0 What's Gone is Gone

It's time to move on, I'll pick up the pieces
What's gone is gone, soon the pain will decreases
And I'm not holding on to the fantasy we had
Cause we know with time, it will drive us mad

And I'm not holding strong to my emotions
I'll let my tears run down into the oceans
At least I'll feel ONE with the living
And not this void from wanting forgiving

At least I'll tell the truth to myself
Instead of ignoring my heart's true wealth
Cause what if emotions weren't real
Then I'll have nothing else to conceal

I'm letting the world know who I am
Even when the truth might overwhelm
Cause I can't keep silent any longer
When silence turns into buried anger

I can't keep dying slowly inside
Cause you don't want to heal what you denied
This time it's final, I'm moving on
There's no turning back, what's gone is gone!



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