Sunday, July 1, 2012

0 Poem About Love - Reunite

I know that it has been a while
But I deserve a fair trial
Judge me not by what you see
Before you know what’s inside of me 

I’ve been down on my knees
Then up again on both my Feet
The ground keeps shaking, underneath
And I barely have the strength to breath

You keep on trying to get me to Love you
But the more you try, the more we grew
We grew apart, like water and oil
Almost touching, but we’re not mixing soil

Just give me a chance to miss your heart
Maybe it helps if we shortly part
You may not understand why I feel this way
Or why myself, I will never betray

But the truth I felt in all my being
I can’t deny, all this Love you’re giving
I can no longer hide what my Soul is saying
Till we reunite, in peace and forgiving



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