Sunday, July 1, 2012

0 Short Poems – Everytime We Touch

Every time our lips touch, in the darkest of the nights
The light in your eyes opens up, and my heart it ignites
We’ve kissed a million times before, as our destiny we rewrite 
But it feels like the first time, locking lips under the moon light

Time stops as you come closer, almost touching but we’re not
Holding hands under the sheets, I feel like I’ve hit the Jackpot
Not in a million years to come, did I dream of this moment
You and I reunite, in a world that’s alive and deeply silent

Breathe this air that I breathe and tell me that you want to kiss
Eternity and the present are not a chance we want to miss
Let’s celebrate what we have, what we don’t and what we want
Cause every day is a chance, to show my love for you and flaunt



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