Monday, July 2, 2012

0 The definition of Love

Sometimes you don’t realize how happy you are
Until someone points out that your smile is bizarre
You float on a cloud as if you’re madly in love
And the hours pass by cause you never have enough

Sometimes it’s a feeling that is out of this world
And many times it’s as if your heart got hurled
Yet the pain you feel after a heartbreaking loss
Is not as real as the Love you came across

It hurts cause you feel like you’ve lost control
Rejected, undesired, you lost part of your Soul
But remember the moments you were joyous and loved
They’re more important than feeling sad and unloved

Yet both of these states are not the only truth
Cause true Love is not defined by our human rules
Love is at the essence of who we really are
We’re Spiritual beings, made from Love and a star



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