Monday, July 2, 2012

0 We Must Be Mad

It’s not that hard to cut you off
The lights are ON and I caught your bluff
Sooner or later the masks will fall
No matter how much you try to growl

I gave you all I had to give
Took your hand, showed you how to live
I opened your heart to experience Love
And cried with you when times got rough

I thought of you as a very close friend
And now I laugh at how things end
Better now than years to come
Cause I’ll soon wake up from feeling numb

I wish you all the best in life
And I’m sure you’ll be a lovely wife
But as you look back at the years we had
Remember the moments we both were glad

So our paths had to part once again
To prove that our Love was never a sin
It’s a Love we all, want so bad
But to have it all, we must be mad ~



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