Monday, July 2, 2012

0 As a Proof of the Love I Carry Inside

Empty glasses and broken hearts
Are not the same when we’re apart
A small kiss on every cheek
A pillow fight before we sleep
Memories of a love that’s deep
Dreaming of a life we can’t keep

Faces passing like a movie slide
Committed to the rules I will not abide
Looking for a place, for my face to hide
From a scary truth that was never by my side
A teacher, a book for my life, to guide
Towards a goal that had just died

For a bright light to appear in the sky
As a proof of the Love I carry inside
I’ll give birth to the new in my life
A baby, a child or a thought that’ll thrive
To live a life that deserves to strive
And praise the lord cause we’re still alive ~



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