Monday, July 2, 2012

0 Sold Your Beliefs

It’s past twelve, the streets are silent
The air is cold and I’m lying in my bed
The words you said keep playing in my head
Without understanding what you really meant

What you give away, you can’t have back
You can’t run to me when you feel attacked
I’m not a toy you play with when you want
And throw away when you need to flaunt

I trusted you with my innermost secrets
Now our best memories are turning to regrets
Don’t expect me to return your calls
I’m cutting the cord right at its core

“Forgive and Learn” is how I live my days
And I’ve forgiven you in many many ways
I looked for a lesson from this to learn
But I’m disappointed, much to my concern

Sometimes our Love is faced with fear
Giving the illusion that our lives we can’t steer
You made a choice and it’s very clear
But to me you’ll always be a friend whose dear



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