Sunday, July 1, 2012

0 The Love Triangle

I try so hard not to think of you
Cause my tears come down, out of the blue
I sometimes say it can’t be true
That you and I, have missed the clue

It’s hard enough when you’re not here
But when you are, things seem so clear
We’ve denied the truth for way too long
We even believed that we don’t belong

Do you think we’re blinded from reality
That together we’ll create something mighty
Deep down in my heart, that’s how I feel
But it seems too late to change the deal

Your wedding bells, I can hear from far
And I might be the one who’ll play the guitar
I’ll write a song for you and him
And dance the night until it’s dim

There will be a woman on my arm
But I’ll be smitten by your charm
And once again I’ll cover my heart
And pray that it heals when you depart ~



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